Man charged with murder, torture in Halloween shootings of teens back in court

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The man charged with killing a 15-year-old and injuring three other teens during a Halloween night shooting is back in court for the continuation of his preliminary hearing.

Antonio Hubbard, 25, is accused of shooting four teenagers of Halloween, killing one of them. He was charged with 16 counts including first degree murder, felony murder, armed robbery and torture.

Detroit police say Hubbard forced the four teens into a corner - and made them choose which one of them would die. Included in the shooting was Hubbard's cousin.

Hubbard, 25, was in court for a preliminary exam on Monday, but the attorney, the judge and the prosecuting attorney said they were incredibly concerned about threats against witnesses on social media.

"If this is going on and we can prove that someone is responsible for this, the prosecutor's office will prosecute," said the prosecutor. "So the best advice to everybody is to get off social media."

"You do not need to go out here and take matters into your own hands," the judge said. "It is not going to bring the deceased back to life. He's dead, he's not coming back."

Meanwhile one of the teenagers who was shot testified that Hubbard gave the four teens a chilling ultimatum.

"(He said) Who's going to die, you got to pick which one is going to die,'" the witness said.

The teens were unable to decide, Hubbard allegedly shoots all four of them but only kills one. 

At one point the witness exchanged words with the suspect in court, but it's unclear what they were saying.

Another key witness who is 15 years old, didn't show up to court to testify.

It is unclear if he was intimidated on social media but the judge driving home her point once again.

"Don't try to handle this in city of Detroit you are going to get yourself in the penitentiary," she said "And it is not worth it," she said.

His cousin testified last week in the case and the preliminary hearing is set to resume Monday afternoon. 

"He walked to the door and pointed his gun at me first and said - don't move," he said.

The victim testified that Hubbard's friend took their money, between $800 to 900, and their phones, as well as their pot.

"Just pointed the gun saying one of ya'll gotta die," he said. "He was pointing the gun at all of us."

The victim testified that they ended up in a back room.

"When he came back in the room, he shot me first," he said. "In my chest and both times in arms. ... I grabbed my chest and ran in the closet."

One of the teenagers was killed. The three other teens were shot but survived, while the suspects took off. Days later, arrests were finally made after a shootout on the city's east side.

Hubbard was arrested after barricading himself inside a home. Now he could spend the rest of his life behind bars for first degree murder. The hearing will continue tomorrow.