Man crashes, dies while driving self to hospital after being shot

A man crashed into a traffic signal pole after being shot on Wednesday afternoon on Detroit's west side.

Police found the man, believed to be in his 50s, dead inside his pick-up truck on 14th Street and W. Grand Blvd at 3 p.m. Investigators say they believe he died while driving himself to Henry Ford Hospital. 

The man was shot while inside his truck on the 2200 block of Lothrop. Police say two men approached the victim from the west side of the street, one to the driver's side, the other to the passenger's side and then opened fire.

"I was up in my apartment, I live on eight and I just heard a loud bang," said Debbie Dowell.

People who live on Lothrop are stunned.

"It's terrible, I've got six kids over here," said a neighbor. "My daughter is about to graduate from high school, my youngest son is seven and we don't need that around here."

Police say they found a gun inside the man's truck, but it's unclear if he returned fire when he was gunned down. The two murder suspects are on the run.