Man dead for three days in Highland Park apartment

For three days, a man lay dead in a Highland Park apartment. On Friday, he was found dead but police now don't have a suspect or a motive.

Police said they were called to the Hamilton Apartment complex Friday morning and found a 62-year-old man dead on the floor of his apartment floor. 

We're told a family member grew concerned after not hearing from man for days and called the leasing office of the complex for someone to check on him. Police said a maintenance man entered the room and made the gruesome discovery.

"We just know it was a 62 year old African American male and that's all we know right now," Highland Park City spokesperson Marli Blackman said. "It appears as if the body was there for 3 days."

The other residents in the building had no idea that the man who lived on the third floor had been dead for three days. According to the business manager, nothing out of the ordinary was reported. That includes gunshots, despite the man have gunshot wounds.

"We discovered there was a body with a couple of gunshot wounds," Blackman said.

Police are still waiting for an autopsy but say it appears he was shot and killed. The leasing office said the vicitm has lived in the apartment since August.

Police don't have any suspects or motive information at this time. They're asking anyone who may have seen anything to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.