Man defies odds & diagnosis, will celebrate first Father's Day

Never say never. 

A Shelby Township man was told he could never father a baby, due to a childhood illness. But this weekend he'll be celebrating his first Father's Day. 

Baby Luna's path into this world almost never came to be. After years of trying, a diagnosis confirmed Bernard and Lulu's fears - doctors told them they were not capable of producing a child. But the couple was determined to not give up hope.

The Sias went to see Dr. Ali Dabaja at Henry Ford. He's the Director of Reproductive Medicine, and he knows just taking the step to come in for a consultation isn't easy. 

"Very stressed, usually some strains on the relationship, some family strains as well. So it takes a lot of courage to seek help," he says. 

"She got herself checked first and came back normal. Then it came to me, and then they found out I wasn't producing sperm," Bernard Sia says. 

Then, it clicked why.

"When we saw him in the clinic we were able to identify that condition that he had, due to the treatment from the tumor he had in childhood," Dr. Dabaja says. 

In first grade, Bernard had a tumor on his pituitary gland. He received treatment until 8th grade. 

"The long term effects, I didn't really understand it at the time," he says.

Then a year later, after seeing a fertility doctor, Bernard received hormone injections and Lulu was artificially inseminated. Then came the positive pregnancy test. 

"I told him buy five different brands, so we are sure," says Lulu, laughing. 

This November they gave birth to a healthy little girl and have decided to share their story to give hope to those who may feel lost. 

"You have to have faith that what the doctors are telling you what to do is going to work," Bernard says.