Man dies after truck is hit by women leaving suspected human trafficking scene

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One person is dead and two are injured in a crash at Woodward and State Fair.

Police have confirmed a 72-year-old man was killed driving a red pickup truck flipped upside down after crashing into a Dodge Intrepid on Woodward. The women who were in the intrepid that hit him are still alive.  Several witnesses saw the terrible crash, as a man in a pickup truck pulled onto Woodward from State Fair.

"We saw the red truck coming this way when the silver car plowed into him," said a witness.

Detroit police say moments before; the two women were being watched leaving the scene of a possible prostitution and human trafficking location near Woodward and Seven Mile. Police believe the man in the truck had the right of way.

On video from a nearby business, the Intrepid appears to blow through a red light at a high rate of speed plowing into the truck, sending it rolling.

"In the intrepid, they were pulled out alive screaming from pain," said witness Lila Goad. "The red truck, the guy was quiet and still, they were doing chest compressions when they put him in the ambulance."

"The officers did attempt to stop on the Intrepid a ways back on Woodward," said Deputy Chief David LeValley, Detroit police. "All indications that we have is that they immediately discontinued that and stopped once the vehicle started to speed away because at that time, they weren't trying to stop the vehicle for any kind of violent felony."

The deadly collision happened at about 2:30 in the afternoon. Detroit police are not officially calling this a police chase.

"The cops were behind the car," Goad said. "Close enough to where it looked like they were chasing it, but there were just the lights on, no sirens."

Police are still blocking traffic as they investigate, they say they do not know how fast the intrepid was going but witnesses say it had to be 50 mph at the least. The two woman in that intrepid are being treated at a local hospital, right now they are both listed in critical condition.

The women been placed under arrest but it is unclear at this point what charges they will face, pending the investigation.