Man dies in 3 car crash on I-696 after running out of gas

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One man is dead following a three car crash that closed down part of I-696 Tuesday afternoon. 

It happened after a driver ran out of gas and was stuck on the side of the road before getting hit by another vehicle. Leaving two cars mangled in a horrific crash.

The scene was on I-696 near Warren where the victim was driving and ran out of gas and he pulled over to the freeway shoulder.

He had his father bring him some gas and park right behind him on the shoulder of westbound I-696. As he was filling up his car, another driver lost control of his vehicle, hit the man filling up his car, the vehicle included, and his father's vehicle. 

FOX 2 understands that the man who was struck, he died here on the scene. The driver who struck him only had minor injuries. He is now in police custody. Investigators took him to the hospital for a blood draw to determine if there was any alcohol or drugs that were a factor.

As of now, it does not appear that that is the case, but investigators are going to find out for sure. Right now speed was a factor, according to the Michigan State Police troopers.

The suspect driver who lost control of his vehicle, he only had minor injuries, and is now in police custody. the deceased driver, his father is okay, but the man who ran out of gas on I-696, has died after being struck.

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