Man disappears after jumping from tracks into Huron River in Ann Arbor

Dive teams in Washtenaw County searched the water near the Argo Dam after a man jumped from the railroad bridge early Wednesday morning but never came up. It's a popular spot for thrill seekers to jump from, and YouTube videos describe it as a "destination" for jumpers.

On Wednesday, a 35-year-old Ann Arbor man jumped from the railroad bridge that crosses the Huron River around 6 a.m. The bridge is about 25 feet over the water.

Dive teams were systematically searching the Huron River near the Argo Dam throughout the day and had to call of the search around 5 p.m. They had not found the man's body.

Apparently, this is a popular spot for thrill seekers to jump for fun. An Ann Arbor business owner we spoke with didn't want to be identified because he's jumped from the Argo Dam bridge plenty of times and it's not exactly allowed.

"Once every other day, on a hot day, there are 1 to 5 people jumping. The police are out here at least once a week to monitor and shoo people off the tracks," he said. "I've done it plenty of times and never felt unsafe doing it."

His friend says he he resurfaced for a second but then went back under and wasn't seen again. Since then, Washtenaw County Sheriff's dive teams have been searching the area. 

"If you were at a wrong angle and hit your head or something like that, maybe it could smack you the wrong way," the business owner said.

Everyone who passes by is just speculating. Deputies can't say what exactly happened at this point the business owner tells us it's so popular there is even a spot marked where to leap from.

"Somebody scratched an X on one of the railroad ties up there, kind of an X marks the spot."

There's a reason it's not allowed, police say it's not safe - and are urging people to stop.

Dive teams will keep searching until they find the Ann Arbor man, they might have to put it on hold once it gets dark.