Man drowns while spreading father's ashes in Lake Superior

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Tragedy strikes twice as a local man drowns in Lake Superior  while spreading his father's ashes.

Most will remember Bobby Louis with a guitar and a smile.

"He was always talking with the kids, very friendly," said neighbor Virginia Walleman. "He would play music, he would play his guitar on the back porch. We would gather at the campfire here."

Virginia Walleman lived next door to Louis in Lake Orion. The last time they spoke, he talked about a trip he was planning up north to Lake Superior. He and some close friend were on a mission to honor his father who had just passed.

"He had told us that he was happy to go up and spread his ashes and follow his final wishes," she said.

While out on the lake, his boat tipped, knocking Louis and others into the water. Everyone but Louis was rescued.

His body was found a day later as tragedy struck his family again.

"We're a very close knit community everyone steps up when someone needs they come together."

News of his death spread quickly and with Louis being an entertainer, musicians worked to create a fitting tribute.

"He's a wonderful entertainer," said Lynn Horton. "He packed the place every time he came."

One such tribute came to the American Legion in downtown Lake Orion.

They have a picture of Bobby at the American Legion for the concert that's going to be held on Friday to benefit his family. It is a place Bobby would often play as a musician but hasn't in recent years, as he took time off to care for his ailing father.

"He was heartbroken when his dad died he was just coming to terms with it," said Horton.

Donations will take at the door Friday night. a group of musicians Bobby regularly played with will honor him with music. They invite everyone who wants to come down around 8:30.