Man escapes being carjacked, kidnapped and shot

He was carjacked, kidnapped and shot - now the investigation underway into who did this and why, Wednesday morning.

"I heard a couple shots and I peeped out the window but I didn't see anybody so I went back to sleep," said Van Gilliam.

But an hour later, Detroit police were knocking on the door of Gilliam's home - his door had been hit by a bullet.

"They shot through the door - do you see here," Gilliam said. "See where the bullet hit? Police picked the bullet up from there."

A bullet meant for a man carjacked and kidnapped near Santa Maria and Meyers around 6 a.m.

Sources say the man had been visiting a girl at the apartment complex when it's alleged three masked men armed with a rifle and handguns forced him into the trunk of his gray Chrysler 300s - then drove off.

A short time later near the Lodge and Thatcher, the man hit the release switch in his trunk and jumped out of the car. That's when it's alleged the suspects chased him - firing three to four shots - one grazing the victim.

"He was standing right there talking to the police," Gilliam said. "The ambulance came up and then they put him in there."

Police say the suspects took off in the man's Chrysler another dark-colored SUV was following - possibly driven by one of the other suspects.