Man fatally shot in fight over shoes outside Detroit store

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Victim Dale Johnson.

It seems so senseless - a fight over a pair of shoes? The victim's family is asking how that could end in murder.

Thirty-six-year-old Dale Johnson was shot to death after an argument with another man outside a store at Gratiot and Seven Mile just before 10 a.m. Friday.

"We don't know what the dispute was about," said Capt. Keeth Williams, Detroit police. "Anytime anybody takes another human life - that's considered crazy."

It is not clear if the men had been inside the store first, but people nearby said the dispute was over a pair of shoes.

The victim's aunt arrived at the scene concerned about video of the shooting being shared on social media.

"It's a hard thing to hear of him being killed, to actually see him out here laying on the ground in a pool of blood," said Todjha Torrance, a family friend. "That's so insensitive - so if you've got a Facebook video floating around, take it down - it's hurtful for us - it's hurtful for us to see."

Todjha Torrance and investigators are asking for anyone who saw anything - anyone who shot video - anyone with any information, to please contact police.

"We have the homicide unit out here, we have a couple leads and we will not stop until that person is found and brought to justice." Capt. Williams said.

Police do have two men detained for questioning. Call 1-800-SPEAK-UP to contact Crime Stoppers and remain anonymous or call Detroit police at (313) 596-5900.