Man files suit against police saying they used excessive force against him at his birthday party

But when police were called to his house on a noise complaint, that's when Leatherberry says the party ended. He thought police left the home, but then he and his lawyer say Leatherberry's surveillance cameras show what happened next.

"As you see from this video, the police lurked in the bushes, hunted him like he was an animal, like he was prey and they were the hunters. They tased him in the back, and they tased him three or four times," says attorney Arnold Reed.

It all happened so fast Leatherberry says he didn't realize what was going on.

"I'm thinking that we were being robbed because it all happened so fast." Leatherberry says.

But Leatherberry's attorney says it was excessive force and that's why a lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court.

"The lawsuit is one lawsuit with several defendants: the City of Redford, the City of Redford Police Department and the officers involved in the brutalizing of my client," says Reed.

Redford Township police say there is pending litigation on this case and therefore were unable to provide a comment Monday. 

Leatherberry says since the incident he now suffers from leg and back pain, also emotional scars.

Community activist Malik Shabazz says the police brutality has to stop. "[Police] hid in the bushes until the coast was clear - so they thought. And when they thought the coast was clear, they assaulted him! That is what we call police terrorism."

"We are going to be asking the jury for several millions of dollars to compensate my client," Reed says.