Man found fatally shot after car breaks down in Inkster

Michigan State Police were called to investigate a fatal shooting early Monday morning near John Daly Avenue and Oakland in Inkster.

Those close to the victim have identified him as Chris LeJeune.

Investigators say the victim and some friends were riding in a vehicle that broke down on Oakland because of a bad transmission.

Police say the victim pushed the vehicle onto John Daley Avenue with the help of another driver in a silver four-door vehicle.

A short time later, investigators say the victim was approached by an unknown suspect who shot the victim and left the scene.

No one else was hurt.

Investigators are asking the person who assisted the victim with the vehicle to contact police immediately.

And as police search for answers, those who love Chris are asking why how could something so tragic happen to their loved one

They hope anyone who has any information will speak up and help police solve this case.