Man gets 16 to 30 years for robbery, attempted rape at Detroit Opera House parking garage

The man who pleaded guilty to the robbery and attempted rape of a 61-year-old woman in the parking structure of the Detroit Opera House will spend at least the next 16 years in prison.

Darius Jackson, 26, took a plea deal in the case and was convicted of robbing and sexually assaulting a woman in the Detroit Opera House parking garage. As part of the deal, four charges including kidnapping and felonious assault, dropped. In exchange, he was convicted of the robbery, sexual assault charges and agreed to 16 to 30 years in prison.

But on Monday, his defense attorney argued for leniency.

"We are asking for compassion in the sentencing, fairness in the sentencing, reasonableness in the sentencing," his attorney argued. "Although he did some behavior that none of us condone, he turned himself in."

Judge Kelly Ramsey heard from the victim in the case last week and was not swayed by the defense's arguments.

"The heartfelt words of the complaining witness forced me to question whether or not the complaining witness may have preferred death to being raped."

Judge Ramsey told Jackson that he chose prison the moment he decided to stalk, attack and violate that woman. Jackson robbed the woman, forced her into the backseat of her car at gunpoint. 

"Darius Jackson, there are pictures of you in the parking structure stalking your prey," the judge said. "You pistol-whipped her and you broke a bone in her hand. You continued to rough her up and you got on top of her with the intent to further violate her."

Judge Ramsey questioned why Jackson turned himself in and wondered if it was because he felt bad about what he had done or because he saw his pictures on TV. Then Ramsay sentenced Jackson according to the agreement.

Robbery, attempted rape at Opera House parking garage downtown Detroit

"Mr. Jackson is a menace to, and a danger to our society."

Jackson was given 16 to 30 years for armed robbery, 4 to 10 years for assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct, and an additional two years for felony firearm.

The 26-year-old  will now now spend at least 18 years in prison and will be eligible for parole when he's 44.