Man gets 40-80 years for attack on EMTs, rape and murder

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A man who admitted to killing a 16-year-old girl in 2006, sexually assaulting a woman in 2005 and slashing and stabbing two Detroit emergency medical technicians last year has been sentenced to 40 to 80 years in prison.

Michael Montgomery learned his punishment on Thursday in a Detroit courtroom. He didn't offer a statement.

Montgomery earlier pleaded guilty to charges including second-degree murder in the 2006 slaying, first-degree criminal sexual conduct in the 2005 assault and assault with intent to maim in the midnight attack last October on EMTs Kelly Adams and Alfredo Rojas.

Police were looking for Montgomery that day after DNA linked him to Dantoya White's slaying.

Adams told the court the punishment was too light, calling it "a slap in the face to all of us."

"The police did drop the ball and so did the prosecutor and so did the judge. They can sat what we want, but we came here every month for a year while they catered to that man and 40 years - really?" Adams said after the sentencing.

"It was hard. It was really hard to be in there and look at him and knowing all the things that he's done to her," said Morennica Jefferson, Dantoya White's mother. "He took my daughter away. My mom's sad; dad's sad; everybody's sad; and this is all he gets."

Several of the victim's family members fear once the backlog of those rape kits are tested, that Montgomery could be connected to even more rapes. Their rape kits were among thousands left untested in a Detroit crime lab for years.

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