Man gets at least 5 years for killing teen in hit-and-run crash

A man was sentenced Thursday to at least five years in prison for killing a 14-year-old boy in a hit-and-run crash.

Justin Lee was just 14 year old when he was killed last June. He was on his way to his friend's house to return his bike, when he was hit at Potter Road and Flamingo Drive in Wixom. The driver never stopped, and Justin didn't make it.

On Thursday morning in court, the undocumented man who hit Justin, Miguel Ibarra Cerda, was sobbing and shaking before the judged sentenced him.

Speaking through an interpreter, he said: "I would like all of this to be different. I would like the son to be with his parents. It would be me, the one who left this world."

Justin's mother spoke emotionally about her son.

"He comes to me in my dreams. He tells me that the clouds are made of cotton candy. He tells me that even if he could come back, he wouldn't because he loves it there. It's so wonderful, so peaceful," she said.

She also spoke personally to the young man, just 21 at the time, who killed her son.

"It's a tragedy for you as well. You made bad choices, bad decisions and you're at the prime of your life right now," she said.

The judge sentenced Cerda to 5 to 15 years in prison. After the sentencing, Justin's mother wanted to make one point clear.

"Please, just slow down. Take your time. Be late for that appointment. Don't speed. Pay attention. This could have been prevented," she said.