Man headed to trial for New Year's Day murder

A man has been ordered to stand trial after a murder outside of a New Year's party in Detroit. 

A 24-year-old man was gunned down in a pickup truck on New Year's Day. It happened just an hour into the new year.

Witnesses testified a man wearing all red pulled out his AR 15 and fired into a silver Chevrolet Silverado. Javon Green was sitting in the backseat, and was killed.

Now, the alleged killer is set to stand trial for a murder that may have been motivated by a dispute over money. Supposedly Green owed someone $40,000 - possible motivation for this shooting.

"I turned around and saw Tay-Tay have an AR-15 in his hand," a witness testified. "He was lifting it up, but he times he lifted it up, nobody else had a gun. He's the only person that could be the shooter."

He's referring to suspect Devontae Jackson, who's accused of killing Green outside the New Year's party on East State Fair in Detroit.

Green's cousin took the stand at Monday's preliminary hearing. He said a woman tried to warn him, but he couldn't escape the barrage of bullets fast enough.

"While we talking she told me to pull off, when I turned around (and) heard gunshots," said a witness. 

Attorney: "How many did you hear?"

"Fourteen or 15 gunshots," the witness said. "They started hitting the truck."

His cousin and two other men in the car drove straight to the hospital but Green eventually died from his injuries. An autopsy revealed Green was struck four times, twice in the head and twice in the back.

"She told me not to talk," the witness said.

Attorney: "Why did she tell you not to talk?"

"I don't know," he said.

When questioned by investigators  the man testified his mother tried to convince him to lie about what happened, but the witness soon pointed the finger at the person he claimed pull the trigger.

At the end of testimony, the judge determined there was enough evidence to send Jackson to trial for first-degree murder, assault and gun charges.