Man killed in fiery crash near Jefferson North Assembly Plant

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Detroit Police are investigating a fatal traffic crash that happened Saturday morning around 5:00 a.m. near the Chrysler Jefferson North Plant located on Mack and St. Jean. 

The 29 year old victim of the crash Pierre Fullove, he was heading to work Saturday morning unloading railroad cars, Police say he sped past a car in front of him losing control then losing his life. 

Two men tried to pull him out but the flames were too intense, a 54-year-old man was treated for burns on his hands and feet and a 24-year-old employee had smoke inhalation and burns on his hands. 

Fullove was entering a parking lot on the west side of the plant, he sped up to pass a car, hit a patch of ice and lost control. The SUV smashed into a light pole then burst into flames. 

Detroit Police are still investigating, it’s unclear if any other factors but speed and ice played a role in the crash.

The family too upset to go on camera says he was a hardworking man and father of three.