Man killed in head-on Ryan Road crash; drivers suspected of being impaired

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Ryan Road just north of Metro Parkway in Sterling Heights was tied up for hours Tuesday morning, due to an accident just before 1 a.m.

“One of the vehicles crossed the centerline and collided with another vehicle," said Lt David Sarvello, Sterling Heights Police.

Tragically the passenger in a Chrysler Pacifica - 25-year-old from Warren - was killed.  The driver of the other vehicle - an Ford F150 pickup truck - driven by a 27-year-old from Troy is now in custody. He’s suspected of drunk driving.

“We don't know how intoxicated he was. We’ll have to wait for toxicology results from Michigan State Police to determine exactly what his level of intoxication was."

So far, it seems like a typical, tragic, drunk driving accident, where an innocent passenger was killed. However...

“We’ll have to rely on the traffic investigation of the physical evidence and if there are any witnesses that are available to help us determine exactly who was at fault in the accident."

There's good reason. The police did a blood test on the driver of the Pacifica, a 24-year-old from Sterling Heights. No results yet, but there may be evidence of drug use. 

“The accident is still under investigation. Those questions will have to be answered in the coming days.”

It is possible that both drivers could be at fault for the accident - one for drinking one for drugs. If that’s the case, both drivers could be charged.

The prosecutor will make the decision on what charges, if any and against which driver, or both, exist in this case. 

The lesson here - passengers should ask, is the person driving you home able to drive? If there's a question, find alternatives.

“Whether it be a taxi cab, Uber, call a friend.  I’m sure there are options. I just hope that they utilize them so tragedies like this don't happen.”