Man killed in Pontiac apartment parking lot shooting

Police are investigating after a young man was killed in a grizzly shooting in Pontiac Friday morning. 

Neighbors who live in the apartment complex tell us they unfortunately see police all the time, and that several shootings have actually happened here recently.

One man was killed in the latest shooting at the Newman Court Apartments, and bullet holes can be seen all over the place. Many are thankful no one else was hurt. 

"I heard gunshots before I went upstairs. I thought it was a fire cracker and then I started thinking about what my daddy told me, hit the floor and roll. And that's what I did," says Carolyn Powell.

She didn't even realize a few of those shots pierced her bedroom window until police showed her -- and she was just up there moments before. She's among the many people we talked to on who were just feet away from the barrage of bullets.

"The gunshots were so loud, it sounded like they were aiming at my house so I was trying to figure out what was going on. I opened my door and saw people running," says Ali Brown. 

Investigators say a 26-year-old Pontiac man was in his SUV around 12:30 a.m. when someone opened fire on him. He tried to drive away but instead drove into a couple of cars in the parking lot. A Grand Prix was also struck by a couple of bullets.

"It happens all the time. I feel bad for the kids. Lots of kids and moms live our here and they have to deal with this," another neighbor told us. 

Sources tell us the victim had been shot at least five times, including in the face. He died trying to escape.

While investigators continue to look for his killer, residents continue to look for change. They are tired of the crime and the violence, and of feeling scared in their own homes.

"It's sad because we live here and are supposed to be living comfortably," Powell added.