Man killed, woman hospitalized from carbon monoxide, generator found in basement

A man was found dead and a woman was hospitalized from carbon monoxide poisoning on Detroit's east side.

Police were called to a home Monday evening to do a well-being check on Angelo Brooks after his family became concerned they couldn't contact him.

"They found a female on the front porch, she was kind of slurring her speech a little bit. Then they found a male inside the house on the second floor and he was deceased," said DFD Deputy Commissioner David Fornell.

Brooks was only 47 years old. Fornell says officials detected carbon monoxide in the home. Investigators found the source: a generator the family removed from the home on Tuesday.

"We found a generator that was in the basement. They tried to vent the generator out of a chimney but it obviously didn't work. The generator was out of gas, which would indicate that the people were overcome while the generator was running," Fornell said.

The deadly incident comes just as the state of Michigan works to raise awareness and educate residents during Carbon Monoxide Safety Week, November 3 through November 9.

"That's the problem with carbon monoxide. It's colorless, it's odorless, and it's cumulative, so it can build up in your system," Fornell said.
Officials with DFD want to make sure another incident does not happen like this so they're giving away detectors. Call (313) 596-2959 and you'll be put on a schedule to get your detector at no charge.