Man lured to Lyon Twp woods and beaten testifies against alleged attackers

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The victim of a brutal bat attack in Lyon Township testified in court Tuesday and faced his attackers.

Aleksander Malec testified that Christopher Simons and the woman he considered a girlfriend, Jessica Kropiewnicki attacked him with a baseball bat in a wooded area, then leaving him in a body of water to die.

"I took multiple blows to the head," said Malec. "I took blows to the legs, like they were trying to break my ankles. I know I will never be 100 percent again."

His former girlfriend allegedly set the victim up to take a walk on a wooded trail to talk about their relationship so the attack could take place.

But Malec was able to get help from a family after he went to their home for help.

On cross-examination when Kropiewnicki's attorney took the mic he tried to clear his client's name. She hid her face throughout the court hearing.

"Could you see Jessica when the first blow was struck?" asked defense lawyer Douglas Oliver.

"I don't know where she was," Malec said.

Witness Michael Sorrell took the stand to say he was contacted by Simons to supervise the beat down.

"He wanted me to watch him not hurt somebody," Sorrell. "Like, he was going to fight somebody, he didn't want to hurt him too bad."

The witness says he agreed to supervise but he never showed up because he did not hear from Simons until he received a text.

"He texted me freaking out," Sorrell said. "Saying that he hurt somebody.   

After hearing both sides the judge believing there was enough evidence to move the case forward. 

"I'm going to bind both defendants over as charged to the Oakland County Circuit Court," the judge said. "The bond in each case to continue."