Man plans legal action against Detroit police after having seizure while restrained in custody

A man who was protesting downtown this weekend says he's planning to take legal action against Detroit police after he says they refused to help him during a medical episode while he was in their custody. 

As a community activist, Jaylin Harris says he peacefully participated in the protests in downtown Detroit this weekend. But he's shaken up after what happened to him Saturday night.

"I've been to many protests and I never experienced having a seizure during any of my protests," he says. 

Harris says he was filming the protest in front of Detroit police headquarters when he slipped and fell. Harris says he then got mixed up in an unruly crowd and was detained by police. 

Harris has epilepsy and says flashing lights can trigger seizures. He says he felt one coming when officers brought him onto a bus. He claims he told police but that officers left him unsupervised - and that's when Harris says he had a seizure.

"It took DPD a long time to get me medical attention. There were no officers around while I was seizing and I was supposed to be freely loose so I don't damage myself or anything and I was handcuffed while seizing," he says. 

Harris says he was taken to a hospital and is ok.

He says he's stopped seizures from starting before. Harris believes he could have prevented this one if police would have taken off the zip ties and allowed him to move away from the chaos.

Meanwhile, Detroit police say they had medical care on hand and administered it immediately and are investigating. 

"The sad thing is I asked for medical attention multiple times and didn't receive it until the last minute," he says. 

Harris plans to file a lawsuit against Detroit police on Tuesday because of what happened.