Man scams drivers out of nearly $2K posing as parking lot attendant at soccer game

Cincinnati Police said a man posed as a parking lot attendant, scamming drivers out of nearly $2,000. (Credit: Cincinnati Police)

Cincinnati Police are looking for a man who recently posed as a parking attendant at a soccer game, getting away with hundreds of dollars. 

Authorities released pictures of the suspect they believe posed as an attendant on July 9 at the Freestore Foodbank on 1141 Central Parkway between 2 and 3 p.m. local time. 

WXIX said the building was vacant, but owners allowed the surrounding space to be rented out as a parking lot to a third-party company, Tri-State Parking.

"We partnered with Tri-State Parking, and they said yeah, they would come in, and they’d operate it for us, and they would give us a little bit of money back," Free Store Foodbank President and CEO Kurt Reiber told WXIX. "So, that money we would get in would help us feed kids."

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Before Tri-State Parking employees arrived at the lot, the suspect had lured drivers to park in the location to attend the FC Cincinnati game, according to WXIX. 

The news outlet also reported that the man was able to scam drivers out of nearly $2,000.

"Basically, he set up fake cones and fake tickets and sold out the entire parking lot before Tri-State got there," Reiber added. "This was probably four or five hours before the game even started."

According to WXIX, Tri-State Parking employees spotted and confronted the fake parking lot attendant, but he left before police arrived.  

This story was reported from Los Angeles.