Man pulled from fiery crash at Cadillac Center People Mover station in Detroit

Police are investigating after a fiery crash happened early Monday morning involving a People Mover station. 

We're told the driver of a pick-up truck crashed into the station at the Cadillac Center location in downtown Detroit near Gratiot Avenue and Library Street and had to be rescued from the wreck. 

After crashing, the truck caught fire with the driver still inside. Security guards from the area were able to pull out the driver. 

"The flames shot up to like three feet. The guy came from Gratiot doing at least 90-100 (mph). Tires flew off first, after the tires flew off he smacked right into the building," one of the security guards named Durand said. "We reacted as fast as we could, called everybody we could and we saved a life."

Police are still working to figure out exactly what happened. 

It's not known right now how badly injured the driver is.