Man says female boss at Ally Bank sexually harassed him

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Aurelio Stella claims there is a sexual harassment double standard.

He says his complaints went ignored and now he's out of a job and the woman is still working.

"At one point she said, 'Aurelio can spank me in front of the whole team,'" he alleges.

In 2015, Stella says the sexual harassment from his team leader at Ally Bank started out subtle. He says it began with innuendo and sexual comments - but it got progressively worse.

He claims she began to send nude photos of herself, eventually using her position of power to pressure him into a sexual relationship.

"Mr. Stella told her early on, you're my team leader ;you are making me feel uncomfortable," said his attorney, Scott Batey. "And a response to him saying stop, she started sending him nude pictures of herself."

"It was startling for me, it made me feel uncomfortable," Stella said. "I really did not feel comfortable going to our management because I was male, they were males. I knew how they talked and operated. I didn't think they would take me seriously."

Because of that Stella didn't report it and claims the messages, photos and videos of her pleasuring herself only intensified. Over time he admits he developed some feelings toward his team leader.

"Over time I will say I saw glimmers of a good mom and there was a slight attraction there," he said. "I actually started to grow feelings. It became an internal conflict for me because every day she would remind me keep your mouth shut I can get in trouble as your manager."

After 13 months the IT manager says he ended it once and for all. But his female team leader began to retaliate.

When it began to impact his work performance, Stella claims he reported it to management. When the woman was questioned, she denied it. She claimed he was the one that was creating a hostile work environment.

Ally bank then fired Stella. 

"When Aurelio complained, they did nothing and they fired him," Batey said. "His fears were realized, they never investigated. They didn't ask for the photographs that he had, they didn't ask for the emails or the text messages that he had. They didn't ask about any of the things that she did. He said I was sexually harassed and they said okay."

That's why they are suing the woman and Ally bank for sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation.

"It is aggravating, it makes me angry," Stella said. "She clearly violated policy by sending me nude pictures. She was in a position of power and had the ability to impact my performance."

In response to the lawsuit, an Ally spokesperson issued this statement which in part reads:

"Ally does not tolerate harassment in the workplace and has established policies, employee training, and procedures which support ally's commitment to address the concerns of any employee who believes they have been harassed. While we do not comment on the details of pending litigation, we have thoroughly investigated and continue to deny the complaint allegations."  

"I would like to see Ally step up," Stella said. "If they say they are the company they say they profess, then I would like to see them step up."

That woman still works at Ally. Stella has since found a new job but is determined to clear his name.