Man says motorcycle shop took thousands, never did work on his bike

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A Warren couple sends their motorcycle to the repair shop forking over thousands of dollars and after waiting nearly a year they got their bike back - but the shop barely even started the repairs.

"My kids bought it for me," said the owner. "That is one of the biggest gifts I've ever had."

And the man, who doesn't want to be identified for reasons you’ll hear about later, wanted to customize the bike.  He was willing to spend $3,650 to do it. 

And he found Victor Crane, at Crane's Customs in Warren.

"We went up to the shop a few times, we saw him working," said Pat, the wife of the motorcycle owner. "When we first went up there we felt everything would be copacetic because everything was moving."

But moving at a very slow pace.  The bike was given to Victor on May 17th of last year. Victor said the job should only take a few months at most.

Now he says he never received any improvements on the bike.

So 2016 turned into 2017, phone calls and text messages to Victor but nothing.  Now the bike owner is afraid.

In fact, the two went to Crane's Customs last month, but it was locked. 

"The Warren Police Department called up there and told the man to release my bike," the owner said.

And when they got the bike back, basically nothing was done. Time to call Victor.

"Do you want to meet to give me my money?" the owner said. "Let's do it now. The ball is in your court. He hung up.")

FOX 2 did talk to Victor and asked him to go on camera. He wouldn't. But Victor said there are two sides to every story but that he would be giving the money back, tomorrow.

Well, that's good. But, there may be others that will want their money, tomorrow, like another customer's friend who was supposed to get some detailing work done.

FOX 2: "How long is the sky at your buddy's bike?"

"For two months," the man said. " ... Looks like he may be in some trouble."

"FOX 2 has helped so many people," Pat said. "I just hope I can be one of those people."