Man sentenced for rape in southwest Detroit

After several delays with the sentencing hearing, a man who pleaded no contest to raping two women on Detroit's southwest side has learned his punishment. A Wayne County judge handed down a sentence of 2-15 years behind bars for 31-year-old Ali Ariashi.

Authorities say Ariashi kidnapped a 19-year-old and forced her to have sex with him at gunpoint.

A team doing surveillance in the area due to several smilar attacks was eventually able to track Ariashi down. We're told he had a gun with him at the time.

The court was forced to dismiss the second case against him because prosecutors could not get in touch with the victim.

This is the third time the court has tried to sentence Ariashi. It took so long because they wanted to make sure the sentencing guidelines were just right. The prosecutor says they are pleased with the outcome.

We're told the victim in the case for which Ariashi was sentenced Friday was not in the courtroom.