Man shot 10 times in Ecorse, family seeks answers, cash reward $7,500

"I want to know, who would do this to my son," said the mother Jeremy Johnson, Laurie Johnson." He always helped people."

It was 9:00 the night of July 18., when 38-year-old Jeremy was helping his girlfriend at the dollar store on Third and Southfield in Ecorse. 

"He got out, put the groceries in the car, then someone got out of the car next to him and opened shots," Laurie said. "We have no idea why."

Witnesses told police it was a silver car and the shooter was the passenger. The shots came from an 1R-15 point blank range. Jeremy's girlfriend was in the car as well and survived the shooting. 

"She was able to get out of the car, but they shot him at least 10 times," Laurie said. 

Unfortunately, the businesses did not have working security cameras. Police had to rely on witnesses who up to this point have only been able to provide detectives with so much information. 

"We don't know if it was mistaken identity or something stupid he did," Jeremy's dad, Tom Johnson said. 

"We can't figure out and can't get any information from anybody, because they're not talking," Laurie said. 

These are the reasons why his parents are speaking out now. They hope that someone will be willing to help them out. A gesture they say, would be a fitting tribute to their son, who always helped others. 

There is a reward being offered for information that leads to an arrest. Crime Stoppers is offering $2,500 and his parents are adding $5,000 to that reward. 

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800 Speak Up.