Man shot and killed after shooting at Detroit police during struggle, Chief Craig says

Detroit police chief James Craig said a man was shot and killed Friday on the city's west side during a confrontation with police. 

Craig said the man shot at police, unprovoked, and that multiple officers returned fire, killing him. This happened early in the afternoon in the area of West McNichols Road and San Juan Drive. 

Chief Craig held a press conference shortly after the officer-involved shooting and gave the details of their preliminary investigation. 

Craig said police were in the area following up on an investigation after eight people were shot at a block party the Fourth of July weekend. Three died. 

"They were here because they had information that the suspects involved were probable gang members," Chief Craig said. 

When police got to the area, they saw a suspect Craig says they knew to be wanted on an outstanding felony warrant. The suspect was sitting in a car, Craig said, and officers moved in to make the arrest. That's when officers saw another man walking in their direction. Craig says they were notified this person was an acquaintance of the person they were trying to arrest. 

Craig says as officers went to investigate, a struggle immediately ensued between him and the officers. Craig says as the officers were able to try and hold and man, that he eventually took out a small gun and began to shoot several rounds at an officer over his shoulder. 

"The officers were able to try to hold this individual. He then removed a small caliber, 22 caliber blue steel semi-automatic pistol and he began to fire a number of rounds at officer over his shoulder," Craig said.

Craig says the officer pushed the man away and that's when additional officers, fearing for their lives, shot at the man. He was hit and pronounced dead at the hospital. 

You can watch Chief Craig's press conference here

Police did not yet give the name of the victim but witnesses on the scene tell FOX 2 his name was Hakeem Littleton. A crowd steadily formed at the scene throughout the rest of the afternoon Friday, with many chanting 'No justice, no peace' and saying Hakeem Littleton's name. 

Hakeem's girlfriend says his life was stolen from him by police and that he had nothing to do with the Fourth of July weekend incident. She says he was not threatening any officers when he was shot and killed.

"Walking to the store, got on his knees and said don't shoot, did you see the incident? I was here," Melika White told FOX 2.

"Anytime two or more black men get together it's a gang. That's the only gang I see right there, the police," said Hakeem's uncle, Asar Amenra. 

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