Man shot in dispute with neighbor on Detroit's east side

One man is recovering in the hospital while another is under arrest after an argument between two neighbors ends with shots fired on Detroit's east side.

Police said the incident happened around 9:30 p.m. Thursday morning at Westbrook and Puritan in Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood.

"I just heard pop, pop, pop and then he just started walking towards me and said, 'Babe, he shot me, call police,'" said Nicole Morrison.

Morrison's husband Joseph Smoke fell to the ground and she called 911. He was critically wounded when his neighbor allegedly shot him in the stomach. 

"We're all like family," Morrison said. "The guy who shot my husband, his son is best friends with my son."

Morrison said Joseph had a bb gun when he went to the neighbor's house but it's unclear if the neighbor knew it was a toy. Battling schizophrenia and off his medication, Nicole says her husband was disoriented before the shooting.

"He was just taking gibberish, one minute he's eating cereal and the next minute he's in France," she said.

With the suspect in custody and Joseph in a local hospital, Morrison said it didn't have to come to this.

"If you're gonna argue with each other, argue with each other, fight, don't pull a gun out," she said.