Man shot in front of son, ID's shooter, no charges filed

A Detroit man was shot several times with his 8-year-old son right next to him.

He knows the man he says did it and even ID'd him to police. That was four months ago and the man still hasn't been charged.

Quaran Calhoun was shot several times four months ago by a man he says has already served time for murder and is out on parole. He now walks with a cane and is in severe pain.

"I took a lot of major hits to my body. It destroyed my function; I'm in pain all the time." Calhoun said.

Calhoun says he knows the shooter because he's an acquaintance of his estranged wife. He said he was even able to ID the gunman to police.

All that, but still no charges. Calhoun says that's a bitter pill to swallow.

"The prosecutor the needs to be a little bit more serious with job. Detroit police and the victims (have) given them all the information and it seems like it’s being dropped."

Andrea Bradley represents Calhoun and says the person who shot her client is a known criminal and was even locked up for murder

"He's in custody now on a parole violation (but) my understanding (is) there is still no warrant on this current charge." Andrea Bradley of the Bradley Law Center

The Wayne County Prosecutors Office gave this statement to FOX 2 News: "This matter is currently under active investigation. We have not reached a charging decision at this time."

As Calhoun and supporters wait for justice they hope to speed things up by going to the prosecutor’s office to demand answers

"Tell Wayne County this is what we are looking to happen to bring charges and an arrest," said activist Rev. WJ Rideout.

And as the wait continues, Calhoun says he's puzzled why justice has not been served

"It confuses me," he said.