Man shot twice by police impersonators in Detroit

A man is hospitalized Tuesday morning after he was shot in his home by police impersonators.

Three men dressed all in black and wearing masks announced they were police and barged into the home through the side door around 5 a.m. The house is in the 6300 block of Mettetal Street, which is near Greenfield and Ford roads.

Police say the suspects went straight to a bedroom and demanded money. The suspects made everyone lay down on the ground with their heads down. Police say that's when a 35-year-old man was shot twice in the back. His girlfriend and a 5-year-old boy were not hurt.

The man who was shot is being hospitalized. His condition is not known at this time but we're told he is alert and talking.

"All we have so far is is three African American males left the scene on foot in an unknown direction because she was terrified; she was hiding when they left," says Detroit Police Sgt. Ray Saati. The men weren't dressed as officers. Police say they just verbally identified themselfves as officers before barging into the home.

Police also haven't said yet if the suspects may have known the victim.

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 2 for updates.