Man steals ball python from Downriver pet store by shoving it down his pants

The staff at a Downriver pet store are asking for help identifying a man who stole a python.

On Wednesday, March 20, someone wandered into the I Love My Pets store in Rockwood, Mich. and scooped up the 4-foot adult ball python out of its case.

In a story full of euphemisms, there's a video to compliment the illegal actions. On tape, a dark-haired man in a blue shirt and jeans can be seen shoving the reptile down his pants, before exiting the store.

"The staff at I Love My Pets are in disbelief...someone stole our beautiful ball python who had just been adopted and was going home that same day he was stolen," wrote Emily Scheiwe on Facebook.

This is the first time the pet store has had any animal stolen from the business.

"The thing is, most of them aren't that easy to take in the first place," said Callie Mcleroy, an employee with I Love My Pets. "No one would be able to sneak a cockatoo out of the store."

"It's not going to fly when you try to pick it up."


The ball python species is found in the sub-Saharan Africa. The nonvenomous reptile is the smallest of African pythons, but considered one of the most popular in the pet trade due to their docile temperament.

Mcleroy said the snake was going to be picked up and taken home in an hour. 

In a police report, an employee said they noticed the snake was missing and thought it had gotten loose in the store. However, after looking at the security cameras, she saw an "unknown white male take the python out of the cage and place it into his pants."

"We just want him back, we don't care about the money," said Mcleroy.

The snake is valued at $100. Anyone who knows something about the theft can call Rockwood police at (734) 379-5323.