Man steals puppy from boy with autism's yard in Detroit

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A young boy with autism wants his best friend back after someone stole his companion puppy out of his Detroit yard.

Christian, 10, can be seen on camera getting off the school bus last week in front of his east side home on McKinney Street. His 4-month-old puppy Cobra is also on camera - seen leaving with a man in the same video.

FOX 2: "He's right there (on the video). Why do you think he would steal the dog?"

 "I don't know," said Dan Dozier, Christian's father. "Last week I had my landscaping equipment stolen so I guess this is the new thing that’s going on around here."

Home surveillance video captured the theft of Christian's companion dog. Christian has autism and needs this puppy - an all-black pit bull with a white chest.

"I keep telling him every day the same thing, I’m going to try to get it back, I'm trying to find it, I'm working on it," Dozier said.

And while his father is working on it, the video shows the dog walking away. 

The video shows more. Apparently the suspect guy tried to go back and knock on the door for whatever reason.

"He was trying to do the right thing making sure but he knows no one's home," Dozier said.

Christian's father was home just moments after that knock on the door. Christian waits in the school bus every day because of his special need with the driver until an adult comes out to let him in the house. 

Dozier is offering a $300 reward for the return of Cobra, no questions asked - unless of course you're the guy that stole him. 

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Cobra, call us at 248-552-5103 or email us