Man strips naked, tries to go through security at Detroit Metro Airport

Some flyers at Detroit Metro Airport had a rude awakening Friday morning when a man stripped naked and tried to go through security. 

Erica Donerson with the Detroit Metro Airport says a man walked up to a checkpoint, removed his clothes, disconnected a stanchion - or barrier - and tried to walk through a metal detector.

Police and fire responders with the airport were called to the checkpoint and determined the man didn't pose a security threat, and he was taken to the hospital. The statement didn't elaborate on why or how the man needed medical attention, but a source tells us the man has a history of mental illness. 

This happened around 6:30 a.m. in the McNamara Terminal. 

Flyer Shameka Scott was getting through security when she saw what happened. She sent us a photo and video. 

She says it all happened really fast, and she just saw him naked running past security. She says he got all the way to where you load your luggage in to be screened, and then they caught him by the body scan.

Flights did not appear to be disrupted by the security issue.