Man threatened patient at Beaumont Troy causing lockdown

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Police and hospital staff didn't take any chances after finding out a patient at Troy Beaumont was being threatened. 

The security scare came just days after a violent incident near Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn. A threatening situation at Beaumont Troy put the hospital on lockdown Friday afternoon.

Some staff members said they were alarmed, but never frightened, adding they have been trained for this. When the lockdown went into effect at about 5 p.m. one worker said she and other employees took their visitors into a room, turned off their cell phones and waited for the all clear - which came an hour later.

Two days ago a man led police on a chase before killing himself outside Dearborn Beaumont after shooting at his ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend.

Police say Beaumont Security called them because a man had threatened a woman at the Troy hospital.

"We held onto what we were told to do from before just through listening to other situations that have happened," said an employee of the hospital. "And everything went well."

Sources say the woman was a patient and her boyfriend made the threats.  All police can officially confirm that she is no longer at the hospital.

Investigators say the suspect never went to the hospital and perhaps was never in the city of Troy at all.

"There was no panic, just concern among the staff's patients," said David Durkee, whose mother is being treated at Beaumont Troy. "She told me she heard over the intercom system that they had the hospital on lockdown."

It is possible that the suspect could face making terrorist threats. Police say they know who they are looking for and that they continue to work the case.