Man trapped after massive pothole swallows van at Detroit KFC

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I think everyone can agree that one of Michigan’s biggest problems are its potholes. Huge potholes damaging cars all over. 

That’s exactly what happened when Boyd Pennington got his van stuck in pothole that was at least 15 feet wide.  

Pennington just wanted to get some chicken last Thursday night at the KFC drive-through on the corner of Harper and Chalmers. But he didn't realize what he'd be driving through.

“I really didn't know how deep it was until I I’m down in there and my truck kept sinking and sinking down in it," Pennington said. 

Fox 2: “You were trapped in your car?”

“I was trapped in my car for an hour before the tow truck got here,” he said.

Boyd's fiancé was also in the car, both of them were trapped, for an hour and there was nothing they could do. 

Fox 2: “How did you get out?”

“I had to call an independent tow truck, how to pull me out," he said. 

And Boyd was not the only one.  

Charles Brooks, busted a tire in the pothole.

I'm coming to get me some chicken and above all tore my left tire up man," Brooks said. 

That cost a couple bucks, and Charles says the lights weren't working either. 

Fox 2: “How much did it cost you because you were stuck in the pothole?”

“Well I had to put a bumper on and that cost $350," he said. 

When Fox 2 tried confronting the manager at the KFC, she avoided answering any questions. 

“Reimburse us. Reimburse us our money man, just reimburse us," Brooks said. 

Not only wouldn't the manager talk to us, but she wouldn't help Boyd either.

A search for the property owner, says this is a "foreign" company with a resident agent in Florida who also wouldn't talk to us.

Fox 2: “Are you going to find a new place to get your chicken? 

“Yes, I will. I will never buy no chicken here no more," Boyd said.