Man tries 'to play it cool' after winning $589K Michigan Lottery prize at Downriver bar

A man said he put the winning ticket away and "tried to play it cool" after discovering he won a $589,042 Michigan Lottery prize while at a Downriver bar.

The Wayne County man, who chose to remain anonymous, bought several Jumbo Jackpot Slots Fast Cash while at Parts & Labor Bar at 17993 Allen Rd. in Melvindale.

"I didn’t think I’d won anything, but I scanned my tickets to be sure. I got a message to file a claim at the Lottery office on one of them, so I looked the ticket over again. Seeing the three jackpot symbols was unbelievable!" he said. "I put the ticket in my pocket and tried to play it cool the rest of the night, but it was hard because I was so excited! As soon as I left the bar, I called my friends and family to tell them what I’d won."

He said he plans to pay bills and invest the rest.

"You see people winning the Lottery, and you never think it will be you, so winning is a very surreal feeling," the man said.