Man walks perimeter of U.S. to raise money for homeless

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He's traveling the entire perimeter of the U.S. on foot to raise awareness and money for the homeless. His next stop is right here in metro Detroit.

"God said if you want to build these things across America then you will have to walk around America - and that's how I got started," said Leroy Bailey from Servants of God Ministries.

It was almost two years ago in June of 2014 that Leroy Bailey laced up his shoes and left Virginia Beach on foot to raise money to help build centers for homeless people.

"One of the problems with shelters across the country is that they put so many rules that no one wants to go to them," Bailey said.

But Bailey is walking to change that, one step at a time. His journey has taken him far away from home and he will soon need his ninth pair of shoes.

"I went all over south to Florida, I walked through the Everglades," he said. "I walked all around Texas all the way to Laredo. I went all the way to San Diego, Seattle, Green Bay ... through Grand Rapids, Lansing and now to here."

He's in Detroit for now and heading to Toledo next, hoping his journey will be complete by October.

He sleeps where he can but tries to get a hotel once a week to shower.

"There's not one city in this country that could not use the Hope Center to house homeless that would offer hope," he said. "Not kick them out at 6 a.m. and tell them to come back at 4 p.m."

Bailey says he knows all too well about the plight of the homeless because he was once homeless himself and relied on services to get back in his feet

"A lot of these places don't exist anymore because of cuts by the government," he said.

Bailey says he has many more miles to walk and he's hoping you will help him give hope to the homeless

"When I started my goal was to get a million people to give $10 a month," he said.

To learn how you can help Bailey and his mission CLICK HERE.