Man who fatally shot woman during dog attack goes to trial

It was a good deed gone horribly wrong.

Michael Lewis Williams is charged with careless discharge of a firearm after coming to a neighbor's aid during a dog attack.

Williams described the moments before a seemingly heroic deed went horribly wrong. Interrogation video was played in court during his preliminary exam.

Williams is charged with careless discharge of a firearm causing death after he tried to shoot a stray dog mauling Patricia Cosby. 
he missed and struck the 53-year-old woman instead by accident.

"I remember shooting at the dog, I don't know if I shot ... It just happened so ... I do remember (her saying) 'Mike you shot me.'"

But prosecutors questioned Williams' version of events, arguing there's no evidence a dog ever attacked Cosby.

"There's no description of any dog bites, scratches, scrapes, or any wounds that could be associated with any sort of dog attack," said Brian Surma, assistant prosecutor Wayne County Prosecutor's Office. "Mr. Williams' description of the dog in this attack, the dog was never seen by anyone, other than himself. 

"There's no evidence of any injury to the dog. He claims he chased after the dog, shot it. There is no injured animal."

Williams lawyer pushed back.

"Based on your investigation, were you able to determine that there was a dog attack?"

"No I was not," said Det. John Mitchell, Detroit police. 

"Did Mr. Williams ever give you any indication he was being untruthful?"

"No," Mitchell said.

Williams is now headed to trial. He will remain free on a $45,000 bond.