Man who recorded fatal Patrick Lyoya police shooting testifies at hearing for Christopher Schurr

The friend who was with Patrick Lyoya when he was shot and killed by Grand Rapids police officer Christopher Schurr testified Thursday.

Schurr was fired by the department and is now facing a second-degree murder charge after shooting and killing Lyoya on April 4. 

"At first, I was just sitting in the car. When I see him and the officer started wrestling, I know something was wrong, that’s when I took off," Aime Turishime said.

Turishime jumped out of Lyoya's car and started recording when the encounter on Griggs Street SE turned physical.

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According to Turishime, Lyoya pulled over because he heard a funny noise from his car. Moments later, Schurr initiated a traffic stop for an improper license plate. He also testified that the night before, the two were drinking alcohol and partying with friends. Lyoya's blood alcohol level was .29 when he died.

A neighbor who witnessed the confrontation between Schurr and Lyoya said he, also as a Black man, was concerned to see Lyoya out of the car, and it appeared Lyoya didn’t quite understand the officer’s initial intention given a language barrier. 

Schurr is claiming self-defense. Lyoya was shot in the back of the head.

Lyoya was unarmed, but during Thursday's hearing, Schurr's attorney Matt Borgula asked Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Nicholas Calati about Lyoya holding the officer’s Taser:

Borgula: "As he rolled over, did you see a Taser?"

Calati: "I did."

Borgula: "Was it in the position of where his hands were?"

Calati: "Yes."

Borgula: "Did anyone move the taser or put the Taser there?"

Calait: "No."