Man who rushed mauled girl to hospital told dad: I'll get you there

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The man who saved a 5-year-old girl attacked by several dogs recalls just what happened on Tuesday.

"My typical normal Tuesday turned into something special," he said.

Calling it the most horrific sight of his life, 26-year-old Eric Tyus can't help but feel lucky thinking of the little girl.

"To see the support and the strength that she had to fight through it," Tyus said.

While driving home from work at Detroit's St. John Hospital on Tuesday afternoon along Moross, Tyus says he saw a gold Impala come flying up from the ramp.

He says the driver hit the island and the car's bumper came off.

"I can see -- his window was down just a little bit -- I can see blood was on top of his shirt," he said.

Not knowing what was going on, Tyus saw the man, 29-year-old Jonathan Brown, cradling his 5-year-old daughter Johnay, who was just attacked by up to six pit bulls while visiting a family friend.

"He's screaming somebody please help me, help me. Take me to the hospital," Tyus said.

That's when Tyus says he saw Johnay. Her clothes were ripped and she was bleeding from her head and ribs.

"Didn't nobody even stop," Johnay's father said.

Tyus helped Johnay, her father and the dog owner's girlfriend into his car and headed to the hospital.

"She was going in and out so that her eyes were rolling back. The father was shaking her. He was like please, please. I said I'm going to get you there, do not worry about it, just keep talking to her," Tyus said.

Tyus stayed with Johnay and her family for hours as she underwent surgery.

Johnay's family says that although she is still listed in critical condition and using a breathing tube, she's already doing much better.

"When she got here she was like daddy, I want to go home. ... Daddy, tell mom I got school tomorrow," Johnay's father said.

The owner of those dogs is under arrest. He also failed to surrender one of his dogs after biting someone else last year.

Johnay's father is only concentrating on getting his little girl better.

"I love my baby that's the only one I got," he said.