Man who turned self in for killing wife was in midst of divorce

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A 39-year old man from Rochester Hills turned himself in to police, saying he just killed his wife.

Neighbors say the couple was in the middle of a messy divorce - but they never expected this.

"This was a bombshell. I saw him back out of the driveway and he went on down the road," said family friend Larry Chalcraft. "I guess he went from here to the police station and turned himself in."

It was the brother-in-law who discovered 41-year-old Cory Ehlers inside her Rochester Hills home on Emmons Avenue.

He called 911 and said he found her lying on the family room couch covered in blood. Deputies arrived to the scene and found the mother of three had been shot to death.

Just as investigators began to look for evidence to determine who may be responsible, her 39-year-old husband walked into the Rochester Hills substation and confessed - telling deputies "I just killed my wife."

FOX 2: "Do you know what may have caused him to snap?"

"I rather not say," Chalcraft said.  "Big problems."

Neighbors say the couple, who had been married nine years, was going through a very bad divorce. There were claims of infidelity. 

But those who live nearby say they didn't hear or see anything suspicious in the hours that led up to Cory's death.

"A bit of a shock, not expected," said neighbor Randy Bur.

"It's really sad," said neighbor Gabby Galvin. "I didn't really know them. I am sorry for the family."

Cory leaves behind an older son from a previous relationship. The couple has two elementary-aged children.

Their father has been taken into custody as police gather evidence and continue to investigate.