Man with a hammer goes on vandalism spree Christmas night

A man was arrested after going on a broken window rampage in Royal Oak on Christmas night.

Royal Oak apartment residents spent Christmas night concerned and confused asking why someone would vandalize their homes.

"At first I thought maybe someone dropped something in another apartment, " said a neighbor. "Then I heard more windows cracking."

"I thought they threw something because there was a hole - it wasn't just shattered."

Police say around 10 p.m. Christmas night, calls started coming in.

"It seemed they already knew what was going on," the resident said.

A man was spotted breaking windows at Village Club apartments on Campbell near Gardenia with a hammer.

This guy did a lot of damage in a short amount of time leaving more than a dozen windows broken.

And the damage didn't end there. Police say the same man smashed the back door of Blaze Pizza in the city's downtown area.  

Employees there say the shop had been closed, but employees at Leo's Coney Island next door called the police. The man arrested shortly after, outside the complex.

Folks with Village Club apartments tell Fox 2 that the man had been using a storage unit inside illegally, breaking the door of one of the units and keeping his stuff there and even used his own pad lock.

"All of these blocks are connected through a storage unit that you don't need a key to get into," the resident said. "So if he got in through one of these doors, he could've walked through the whole building."

A spokesperson with Village Club also says -- they don't know how long the man had been keeping his stuff there - but noticed he did pry open a door to get in. The complex thankful that man is arrested -- and no one was hurt.