Managing diabetes during the holidays

What's the key to managing diabetes during the hustle and bustle of the holidays?

It comes down to one word, preparation.

When the holidays arrive, there are parties, the cookies, and the food. It can cause problems because when you’re managing diabetes you have to match the medication to food intake.

One of the reasons those extra treats wreak havoc is because we tend skip our exercise routine. So especially for people with diabetes the message is keep moving and keep counting calories and carbs.

"What you want to do is look at calories and carbs," said Davida Kruger of Henry Ford Hospital. "Calories because we need to keep our weight down and carbs because that’s what effects our blood sugar and why insulin matters, that’s why you need to understand all of that."

And traveling always requires a little extra thought, but for people with diabetes, packing takes extra thought.

"Pack shoes, socks pack twice as much medication, glucose strips," Kruger said. "And if you're on the plane make sure you carry them on."

The American Diabetes Association has a lot of good recipes and resources.