Man's bizarre 911 call leads police to dead woman wrapped in plastic

Police have arrested a man after a woman was found dead and wrapped in plastic inside at home in Rockwood Sunday morning.

Rockwood Police are still trying to determine how she died inside the home on Candace Street. Investigators made the shocking discovery after a neighbor called police.

"Neighbors called in disturbance after male subject came to their house, upon officers' arrival they found that he had some blood on him, nothing crazy, just from small abrasions," Rockwood police chief Randy Krause said. 

The man told police that there was a gunman in house with his family.

"He indicated that there were armed gunmen in the house and women and children inside the house as well," Krause said.

Police say when they went inside they did not find anything the man had told them. They continued to search and that's when they made the gruesome discovery. The woman was dead and wrapped in plastic inside a bedroom in the home.

Investigators are not releasing the woman's name but they say she's in her early 30s and they hope to learn more about how she died after an autopsy is completed.

Police said the man who told them the bizarre story is being held at the police department. He would not speak with police and he could face charges of at least covering up a death or not reporting a death.