Man's body could be moved over burial plot dispute at Redford cemetery

Bryon Webb was buried at Detroit Memorial Park Cemetery in Redford in 2019.

Despite being buried there for years, his sister Yvonne Patterson recently received a letter from the attorney representing the association that runs the cemetery, telling her that a dispute has arisen with another family who says Webb is in their plot.

The cemetery operator says despite its best efforts to resolve this dispute, the family says it will take legal action against Patterson’s family and the cemetery if Webb’s body is not relocated.

"Just know that I’m not taking my brother up. I'm not removing him from that spot," Patterson said. "I did not pick the plot, pick the plot number, or dig the hole, so how are you going to sue me for something you gave me?"

FOX 2 reached out to attorneys for the cemetery who said cemetery policy is to maintain the privacy of the families, and they typically do not comment.

The attorney did respond in a statement, saying in part: "We can confirm that counsel for Detroit Memorial Park Association contacted the family. We can also confirm that counsel did not make any demands of the family and has no intention of making any demands of the family."

Patterson says there’s nothing that would make her authorize moving her bother’s burial plot not even money

"It’s not going to happen there’s no amount of money. My brother is priceless," she said. "My brother is not moving, that’s all to it. They touch them, and then you have another story."