Many questions remain after bodies of 11 babies found in ceiling

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The remains of 11 infants were found inside a box and tiny casket, discovered Friday in a false ceiling compartment in the former Cantrell Funeral Home on Mack Avenue on Detroit’s east side. 

“We do have names of some of the remains, and we’re going to do follow up with the Wayne County Medical Examiner to locate and talk to the family members,” Detective Brian Bowser said. 

The state closed down the funeral home last April after finding human remains in advanced stages of decomposition and other deplorable conditions. 

The cremated remains of the 11 babies were only discovered Friday after the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs received an anonymous letter telling officials about the infant remains and where to find them. 

Naveed Syed purchased the building a month ago from Wayne County with the intention of turning it into a community center. He says he had no idea what was in that false ceiling compartment. 

“Hiding those babies, those angels, was a terrible thing. I’m a father and it was really really hard for me and it’s going to be hard for the next two or three days to process this. It’s really sad to do something like that to human bodies,” Syed said. 

Police are continuing to investigate. 

In the meantime, several funeral homes have volunteered to offer free services and burials for the babies.