Marble Bar in Detroit requires proof of vaccination - or negative Covid test to enter

The owner of the Marble Bar in Detroit is taking its own approach to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

"It's not an industry where social distancing is a reality," said owner Raphael Blake.

Customers will soon have to prove they've been vaccinated or tested negative for coronavirus. - otherwise, they won't be allowed in. It is a decision brought on by first-hand experience.

"We've known a few people who have tested positive for Covid," he said.

And it is a decision supported by his fully-vaccinated staff.

"They (the staff) have to be there every night in a crowded nightclub with people ordering drinks, without masks on," Blake said. "They have a lot of exposure."

The announcement came via social media and as expected was met with plenty of opinions.

"We did not do this for the controversy or the attention," he said. "We would rather not have it."

"I would actually patron them more so than anybody else, because I know they are taking the steps of responsibility," said one woman.

"Just saying you need to have a vaccine to get into it. i don't think that fair," said one man.

"Unless they are breaking laws or ordinances they can do what they need to do," one woman said.

This new policy goes into effect Friday so if you planning on visiting the Marble Bar in Detroit the next time you come to the entrance you'll be asked to show ID - and something else.

"You'll show your proof of vaccination or your covid test and the names will have to match," Blake said.

The timeline is open-ended, but the owner tells me as soon as he feels comfortable relaxing the policy, he will.