Marijuana delivery service approved in Detroit

Getting your hands on pot is getting a whole lot easier now that a Detroit dispensary is offering a delivery service -- the first of its kind to be approved by the state.

"The convenience right now of getting vape cartridges delivered so I don't have to lay up in bed for a day while my inflammation is really taking a toll out on me is everything," said Rahon Massey.

For patients like Massey it's ideal. He runs a small business from his home and suffers from a painful and sometimes debilitating condition caused by tumors that grow on linings of his nerves.

"Having a delivery right here for myself - is amazing," he said.

Donnell Cravens, manager of Utopia Gardens, said there's no shortage of smiles.

"Everybody was super excited that this is a possibility these days so I'm really happy that we were able to put it in place, happy the state's been working with us to get this going. It's been a long process but we're happy to finally be getting through there," Cravens said.

He says patients call in or order online, provide their medical card and ID, and Utopia can deliver up to 2 1/2 ounces throughout the tri-county area.

"We don't take cash, we just do debit cards for security’s sake and that's pretty much it. It's pretty similar to Uber Eats or any other service in that regard," he said.

They're providing a service, especially for people with serious illnesses or mobility issues, but it's also just really convenient. It finally gives licensed dispensaries the opportunity to compete with the black market that owner Stuart Carter says is stealing tons of business from people playing by the rules.

"The big focus for me is the unlicensed delivery companies," he said.

Carter says just a few months ago there were 88 unlicensed delivery companies advertised on weed maps. Now he says there are more than 200. He says it's not just businesses like his losing money, but the state loses as well.

"It looks like about 3/4 of a billion dollars a year that's unregulated, untaxed and untested product that's being delivered," he said.

Carter hopes the state legislature will crack down on companies like weed maps and allow only licensed dispensaries to advertise there. Until then, Utopia will keep delivering.

"We're super excited to get it going, and we've already been received well and hope to continue to be received well," Cravens said.